What’s Your Passion? The best motorcycle tires are the ones that make your ride the best it can be. Whether you’re hitting the track, cruising on the weekend, or building your custom bike, Bridgestone has motorcycle tires you can rely on, to take on any road. Bridgestone proprietary technology visualizes and measures contact patch behavior to maximize performance with great grip and mileage.

Bridgestone motorcycle tyres:

* Battlax Sport touring T31
* Battlax Sport touring T30 EVO
* Battlax Sport touring T30
* Battlax BT-023
* Battlax TS100
* Battlax BT-92
* Battlax BT-45
* Battlax BT-39
* Battlax BT-92
* Exedra (all model)
* Mag.Mopus

* Battlax Racing street RS10
* Battlax Racing street RS10
* Battlax Hypersport S22
* Battlax Hypersport S21
* Battlax Hypersport S20 EVO
* Battlax Hypersport S20
* Battlax BT-016 PRO
* Battlax BT-090

* Accolade (all ac models)
* Exedra (all G models)
* Mag.Mopus

* Battlax Scooter SC2
* Battlax Scooter SC2 Rain
* Battlax SC Ecopia

Road & Race
* Battlax Racing R11
* Battlax Racing R11 (NHS)

Cruiser / Customer
* Battlecuise H50
* Exedra (all G models)
* Exedra MAX

* Adventure A41
* Adventurecross AX41
* Trail Wing
* Battle Wing
* Gritty

* Battlecross E50
* Battlecross X10/20/30/40
* Motocross (all models)
* Kids Motocross (all models)
* Trail Wing (all models)

* Racing Battlax V02
* Racing Battlax W01
* Racing Battlax R11
* Battlax BT-601 / SS / WET
* Racing mini
* Battlax BT39-SS

All Bridgestone motorcycle tyres