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MT 66 Route: a tyre designed for excellentt mileage on custom, cruiser, and touring bikes.

Want a classic style tyre blended with modern performance and long tread life? The Pirelli Route 66 Tires offer easy steering, comfort and high miles with a look that fits right in on a cruiser or touring bike.


  1. Excellent ride comfort even at full load thanks to the specific carcass materials
  2. High mileage and excellent performance on any kind of road surface thanks to the tread’s very deep grooves
  3. Dedicated to custom, cruiser and touring motorcycles, this tyre ensures excellent comfort, easy steering and high mileage
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White Wall motorcycle tyres!

Whitewall tires or white sidewall (WW) tires are tires having a stripe or entire sidewall of white rubber. Manufacturers on the market offering white wall models: Avon, Continental, Dunlop, Michelin, Metzeler, Pirelli etc.

See available tires here: A complete list of all the motorbike white wall tyres, including sizes and availability, that you can buy now from reifen66. Enjoy!