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Michelin Power 5 – The sporty road tyre choice


Michelin POWER 5 Motorcycle Tyre: Elevate Your Sporty Riding Experience

Looking for the perfect sporty road tyre that excels in both dry and wet conditions? Look no further than the Michelin POWER 5 Motorcycle Tyre. This high-performance tyre is designed to provide exceptional grip, stability, and an exhilarating sporty ride for your everyday journeys.

Experience outstanding grip on both dry and wet roads with the Michelin POWER 5. Thanks to advanced technologies such as MICHELIN 2CT+ on the rear and MICHELIN 2CT on the front, this dual compound tyre ensures superior straight-line and cornering grip, allowing you to confidently tackle various road conditions. Enjoy the thrill of a sporty ride every day. The Michelin POWER 5 is engineered to deliver not only high-performance handling but also a comfortable and exciting riding experience for your daily commutes and weekend adventures.

Michelin Power 5 – Tyre sizes:

Front tyres: 120/70 ZR17
Rear tyres: 160/60 ZR17, 180/55 ZR17, 190/50 ZR17, 190/55 ZR17, 200/55 ZR17

Benefit from more straight-line and cornering stability, thanks to the innovative design and construction of this tyre. The casing, derived from Michelin’s track range, ensures exceptional road handling performance by adapting its rigidity based on the tyre lean angle. The Michelin POWER 5 features an 11% void ratio and utilizes MICHELIN Silica Technology in the rear tyre. This combination maximizes enjoyment on dry roads by providing excellent traction and enhances safety on wet roads, giving you the confidence to ride in various weather conditions.

The tyre’s casing, inspired by Michelin’s track range, not only contributes to its sporty aesthetics but also plays a crucial role in enhancing overall road handling performance. Experience the perfect balance of responsiveness and control with every turn.